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NPCC Files

音樂書寫 Music Articles

節目策劃 Program Planning

音樂經紀 Music Agent

活動執行 Event Execution


我們是 NPCC,NPCC 成員皆有豐富音樂產業背景並擅長跨產業領域合作。我們展望台灣與亞洲以及海外國家有更多的音樂交流合作。

NPCC 是由海外巡演經紀經驗豐富的 John Huang (薑黃)所策劃的品牌團隊,主掌活動策劃、巡演經紀、媒體宣傳、音樂書寫,從台灣南向東南亞、往北東北亞、往西橫跨大西洋、往東穿越太平洋,這裡是不斷開拓你視野的奇異點。在現實生活中你是否碰過許多幫助過自己的人像是遊戲 NPC 呢?我們不只可以作為幫助你的 NPC,更是 Neo-Project-Coordinate,即為「嶄新任務的座標」。來這裡你可以:交流情報+遇見夥伴+找到關鍵+共同協作+解決任務+得到回饋+↑↑↓↓ ←→←→BA 解鎖密技與成就。

About NPCC

We are NPCC. Members of NPCC are experienced in music event planning, music marketing, and music product trading. Fulfilled with experiences in music cooperation between different industries. Aiming for strengthening regional music cooperation in Asia and overseas.

NPCC is a brand curated by John Huang, an experienced overseas tour manager. We are in charge of event planning, music tour management, media promotion, and music writing. Our footsteps from Taiwan south to Southeast Asia, north to Northeast Asia, west to cross the Atlantic Ocean, and east to cross the Pacific Ocean. Here is like the singular point where your horizons are constantly expanded. Have you ever met many people in real life who have helped you like game NPCs? We can not only be your NPCs, but also we can be Neo-Project-Coordinate, which means “A coordinate gives you new tasks. Come here you can: exchange information + meet partners + find the key + work together + solve the task + get feedback + ↑↑↓↓ ←→←→BA unlocks secret techniques and achievements.

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